Our monogram was inspired by three things: Our Christian faith, the first letter of our name, and stories.

I also designed  patterns using our monogram to be weave-like to suggest that we—our stories—are all connected. We are part of a bigger picture, created by one God.
We sent out both digital and printed copies of our Save the Date announcement.
My then fiancée and I decided to have our wedding invitation in comics format to briefly tell our love story.  Our wedding’s theme hinged on stories—how it all connects us. The format is also a throwback to my younger years when I used to create comics for family and friends.
Invitation cover
LuLi Wedding Invitation inside front cover and first page
Luli Wedding Invitation page 2-3
LuLi Wedding Invitation center spread. Photography by our awesome NZ-based friend, Patty Lagera.
LuLi Wedding Invitation Back Cover with the event details.
For our give-away to our principal and secondary sponsors and entourage, my wife and I wanted something that is memorable, nice, and functional. We decided to design and produce a tote bag using the "LuLi Pattern" on a black canvas bag.

We received very positive feedback from the recipients of the bag—they said they often use it.
Actual photo of the give-away canvas tote bag
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