Creative Consultant

Digital & Print Design | Illustration | Photography | 2D Animation

I am a creative problem solver through effective design.
I am a Filipino based in London and currently the Design Executive at LHH doing print, digital, and presentation design. I also edit videos and create 2D animation for social media use.
Since 2006 I have been doing design, illustration, 2D animation, and photography work for small businesses to NGOs to multinational corporations like UNICEF, World Vision,  Unilever, DHL Express, and Lufthansa.
I am interested in art, design, illustration, photography, coffee, travel, and anything Japanese. I like to read graphic novels especially manga (I am a fan of One Piece). My free time consists of changing nappies, experimental cooking, drawing and photography. I am also interested in languages. I can read and write a bit of Japanese and understand a little Spanish. (We once  got two drinks on the house thanks to my broken Spanish when we were in Barcelona.) I like spending quality time with my wife: discussing our Christian faith, current events, music, films and TV series.

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