Creative Consultant

Digital & Print Design | Illustration | Photography | 2D Animation

I am a creative problem solver through effective design.
I am a Filipino currently based in London. I have been doing digital and print design, illustration, 2D animation, and photography work for small businesses to NGOs to multinational corporations like UNICEF, World Vision, Unilever, DHL Express, and Lufthansa since 2006.
I am interested in art, design, illustration, photography, coffee, travel, and anything Japanese. I like to read graphic novels especially manga (I am a fan of One Piece). I draw and do photography during my free time. I also like experimenting on different ways to marinate and cook meat. I am also interested in languages. I can read and write a bit of Japanese and understand a little Spanish. I like spending quality time with my wife: discussing our Christian faith, current events, music, films, TV series, and zombie apocalypse survival ideas.
I am currently the Design Executive at LHH.
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